Busy week

Saturday, November 13, 2004

So it would seem that I'm back to posting once a week (about things other than triops anyhow). Two big things have happened this week....

Produced by Trevor Horn at Wembley on Thursday.
I was given a pair of guest tickets by a friend who was already going with the daughter of Trevor's bass player, and thought it might be fun to go and have a listen. As it turned out Ade is good friends with the guy who did the orchestral arrangements for the gig, so he was keen to go too. I'll get the boring techie stuff over with first: the front of house was DREADFUL. It was clearly under rehearsed in the venue, and quite obvious that some of the less famous acts had been passed over in rehearsals in favour of the big names. Also, the engineer probably suffers from the inevitable deafness that befalls all live engineers: the mix was loud, brash, had a huge spike aroundabout 2.5 kHz, and generally speaking, the brass and BVs where way too loud. Shame really. Some of the bands were a little before my time (YES anyone? heard of them? not me!) but most were making it big as I was growing up, and it was great to see the Pet Shop Boys live. Other notable acts were: Grace Jones, who I think was fabulous, and prompted me to go out and buy 'A View to a Kill'; Lisa Stansfield, who can't half sing... she's got a great voice, and I can't understand why she was never bigger than she was; Frankie who, despite the lack of a certain singer, raised the roof; and Seal, who I'd never really rated, but is a fantastic live performer. Disappointments/embarrassments were: Yes, a bunch of old rockers who jammed a bit on loud electric guitars then hobbled off stage on their Zimmers; Belle & Sebastian, who aren't bad really, but where completely inappropriate for the show. Diamond Geezer has done a bit of a review, which is about as close to how I would put it if I were that good a writer!

Interestingly, of the 5000 people who were there, only about 2000 actually paid for their tickets. Everyone else was on 'guest' tickets as we were. The funniest thing was that every time Trevor mentioned someone (backing singer, trumpet player, tea boy) a scream would erupt from a different part of the arena clearly indicating where that person's mates/family/anyone they could give the tickets to were sitting...

Posh dinns at Le Pont de la Tour at Butlers Wharf last night, as a delayed celebration for selling my flat in New Cross. The sale went through a couple of weeks back, and the dust has now finally settled (all the appropriate funds in the right places etc). It feels very strange to not be a gentleman of property any more, but at least I'm a gentleman of means instead, which is a close second. Anyhow, I used to eat at Le Pont regularly (ie at least once a month or so) a couple of years back, when I had plenty of disposable income, and I'd forgotten how nice it is! We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and staggered back to London Bridge stuffed with good food and good wine.

Other bits and pieces of note... I'm thinking of joining The Union Club. Had lunch there with some work colleagues (at this table) on Friday, and was reminded how nice a place it is. I've been once or twice before but had forgotten! It's lovely and quiet and not full of hideous Soho victims like Soho House and Grouchos nor wannabe bohemians like at Blacks. We'll have to see if they want to let me in! :-)

cakeaddict's closing thought...
It was a dear friend's 30th birthday yesterday, and my bestest bud is 30 in a month or so. I'm going to be that unmentionable age next summer... god we're all growing up so FAST!

Update - I've now got Haloscan comments enabled, so it should be possible for anyone to leave comments now (there were some issues with bloggers comments stuff I think). Please make me feel loved and leave some comments!!! :-)


ps - should say that the photo of the union club is hosted here. If you are the copyright manager there and you don't want me to use the picture, let me know and I'll take it out!


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